Diving Summer and Winter

With 615 mountain lakes, Graub├╝nden not only invites you to cool off and splash around, but also to dive into unknown worlds. When fitted with the right equipment, the Engadin waters offer amazing visibility (depending on the season) and also unique insights into the underwater world.

The Upper Engadin lakes are a diving paradise in summer as well as in winter. Besides various species of fish you can also find a FIAT as well as old trees.

Ice diving in winter is, of course, a special highlight for experienced divers. The thick ice layer of up to 70cm turns a dive into an adventure. When the sun shines and you see the play of light of the sunbeams through the ice, the experience is amazing. Newcomers can also obtain the ice diving certification with a diving school.

For divers and diving schools/clubs we offer special packages, each adapted to the needs of the group. Diving tanks can be filled at our facility (Poseidon compressor) and a large heated cellar is available as a drying room for wet suits.