Sils in the Engadin

Sils has been called “the loveliest corner of the earth.” This was already known to Friedrich Nietzsche who wrote his “Zarathustra” in this picturesque village in the Engadin between the lakes of Sils and Silvaplana. Sils, therefore, provides a sense of calm away from the noise of the world. The village has two parts, Sils-Maria and Sils-Baselgia.

But “the loveliest corner of the earth” offers much more. There are also all the wonderful winter pleasures. You can choose to experience them on skis, on toboggans, in deep snow-covered mountain forests, or simply in the midst of the boundless glittering snow under the Engadin sun. And there are the fantastic summer pleasures. You can choose to experience them in hiking boots, on fragrant alpine meadows, on a bike, in a boat on Lake Sils, or windsurfing or kitesurfing on Lake Silvaplana. But the most beautiful thing in both summer and winter: Here you don’t really have to choose. Here you can simply enjoy.