Ski Pass – Offers

During the winter season you have the possibility to benefit from 2 different ski pass offers. We are happy to briefly present the 2 models with all the advantages and restrictions.


This dynamic price model is valid in the whole Upper Engadin.

3 factors determine the price of your ski holiday:
1. The date: an initial price is fixed per day, the closer your holiday comes, the higher the price can go.
2. The demand: the more guests that buy a ski pass on that day, the higher the price will go.
3. The time of purchase: the earlier you buy a day or multi-day ski pass, the more discount you will get. At least 15 days before the start of your holiday, you can take advantage of up to 30% discount (even in high season.)

If you are sure that you will come to the Engadin for skiing and you will use this ski pass, a price comparison is definitely worthwhile.
If you should not be able to start your skiing holiday at short notice due to illness or accident, you will not be reimbursed by the mountain railroad. In this case you would have to take out private cancellation insurance.

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Sleep + Ski

This fixed price model has been available for years and is exclusively for hotel guests.
The “Sleep + Ski” ski pass costs CHF 47.00 per person per day and is valid from one overnight stay.

You can book this ski pass in advance when making your reservation or at short notice on site. It is valid for the entire duration of your stay and is not issued for individual days. This means that if you book 6 days of vacation at the hotel, you will receive a ski pass for 6 days, valid either on the day of arrival or on the day of departure. If you ski only 3 days in these 6 days, you will not be reimbursed.

You know exactly how much you pay for the ski pass and you can also decide spontaneously whether you want it or not. In case of early cancellation of the booking or cancellation due to illness, you do not have to pay anything (except possibly the hotel accommodation costs.)
The “Sleep + Ski” ski pass daily rate may be higher than the Snow-Deal depending on the season. They are bound to the length of stay.


For both options the weather has no influence on the ski pass. If it is storming and snowing and the lifts close, there is no refund.

As a family with children, you benefit from generous discounts with the Snow-Deal, especially if you have more than one child. The “Sleep + Ski” ski pass is only available from the age of 13.

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